I spent this weekend at the writers centre in Sydney which was once a psychiatric hospital!?

A stone library surrounded by condemed buildings on the Lillyfield peninsula
A sprawling park with harbour views and ancient trees but inside coolness and silence.

20 amazing women:
yoga teachers, lawyers, jewellers, radio announcers, philanthropists, and me.

Then she floated in with her biker boots and big soul
Im just a little in love with Alexandra Franzen

She reminded us to:
Have intention, speak with love… and the rest is easy
Identify my real work and my shadow work (this is where you
skirt around doing menial unimportant jobs and never get to the juice)
The Right To Write. Julia Cameron.

So I decided I will:

Free myself from social media
Clear out my email subscriptions with the very cool unroll.me
Stop those emails while I work with inbox pause
Work first with simplicity
Start then finish – no loose ends
Then pause and refresh.

So how does this relate to me being a ‘voice for change in health’?
More importantly you ask;  “How can this change my day?”

Living your authentic life brings wellness
Finding your voice and speaking with truth brings wellness
Contemplating, Journaling and writing – words are powerful creators.

This brings wellness.

Be Well with love

:: Dr Rach


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