Workshops and Webinars

Want to receive medical information right in your own home?

My Simple Way to Wellness webinars cover frequently asked questions which I receive in my practice.

I am tired of hearing from lovely souls who are confused frustrated and overspending on wellness products and services. Worn out and lost, not sleeping well, eating garbage and stuck in a rut.

It breaks my heart when I see suffering.  I know how hard it was to get the right perspective on my own wellbeing, we all need some care.

If balance would feel like a miracle right now then this workshop is for you.

Hormonal Support – Thyroid, Adrenal and Oestrogen/Progesterone.

Join us for a webinar, Hang out with me – on Google Hangouts on Air. Its live free and you don’t need any special program, codes access or techy tricks. Just internet access and you click a link directly to the hangout page.

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You will receive two reminder emails about the live event. You will also receive weekly notes with simple tips and strategies for energy hormonal health and wellbeing.

So I’m holding a session for you….

Heres why you should join:

You’ll hear my story of going back to study medicine as a naturopath – and how a naturopath practices compared to how a doctor practices and why.

BioIdentical Hormones vs The Oral Pill

Testing Hormones, blood vs saliva.

Adrenal Fatigue – the four stages.

Thyroid Balance – there is more than thyroxine to the solution.

PMT, Period Pain, Mood swings, Fatigue and Fluid.

Also – the webinar program ONLY holds 100 people max – its a free gift and there are a few spots left. Interested?

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Its interactive, you can ask me questions. We’ll have fun.
I look forward to chatting with you live.

Be Well with Love