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If you are looking for personal one on one Medical/Naturopathic advice you can book a consultation at my clinic at Haan Health Broadbeach on (07) 55316033. You can also see me at Medical on Miami by phoning (07) 5576 5832. Skype consultations are also available. For more information or to make an appointment see the Consultation page.

Want to learn more about your symptoms? Have you searched the blog archives? there are articles and video interviews with varied specialists and practitioners covering topics such as acne, hormones, weight, meditation, gut health, mindfulness, cancer, clean eating.. and you may just find the answer you are looking for.

If not send a question via email to and Ill try to cover this for you in a future webinar.

If you are interested in learning about wellness, my bookstore is a great place to start.

How is your health? The health analysis questionnaire gives you a personalised  in depth body system analysis report. This takes 20 minutes, you will need to enter my practitioner code.

Are you ready to make some changes? – you can begin by completing a 7 day diet diary a great way to become mindful about every single piece of food that goes into your mouth, and identify the areas causing weight gain, gut symptoms and fatigue.

Workshops and webinars are updated here

I enjoy collaborating with cool new people and products, so if you would like me to present at an event, comment on an article or endorse a product please email me at  with the subject ‘Cool Idea For You

If you would like to use my articles in your publications that would be awesome, please drop me a line to let me know and see the copyright outline in the disclaimer.

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