Utopia Womens Wellness Event is a day of food fun and inspiration.

Last year was shared with the lovely Melissa Ambrosini, Dr Libby, Lorna Jane, Therese Kerr, Belinda Davidson and so many more amazing wellness leaders.

This year come and say hello in the exhibition stands, I’ll be joined by Lemon Canary, Sol Cleanse and Soul Sister Circle.

My session is 10am
Herbal tonics and emotional medicine.

Reboot your operating system – mind hormones and habits.
Do you have too many tabs open, too few margins in your life, are you driving cortisol and creating increased weight, inflammation and disease?

Ill be teaching you how to implement simple habits to reset health. Navigating a way back to your natural state.

Well talk about investigating , knowing your numbers, exploring your body and mind and putting yourself back on the map.

Only then can you decide where you want to be and develop a strategy of how to get there.

Goal – 1.natural state of wellbeing
2. perfect weight
3. clean, clear and calm.

See you at Utopia.

Melbourne Sept 26th,  Brisbane Nov 7th,  Sydney Nov 14th.