Im not a foodie, those that know me would agree that I’m domestically challenged.

A career girl. I eat for fuel. I don’t have the kind of relationship with food or cooking that many enjoy, where it brings pleasure.

Its not my hobby, or an artistic outlet.  This may not resonate with you.. but stay with me here.

I’ve certainly had other challenging relationships – with alcohol, exercise, nicotine, caffeine… but just not with food.

I see food as fuel. It is either real whole energetic nourishing life-building – or its not.

I find it very simple.
Without any qualifications I could ask every one of you to compare two foods and you will know instinctively which is whole real food and which is not.
Eat the whole food.  We overcomplicate eating. Most of the substances consumed today are not food – which by definition is a substance consumed to nourish (which means to provide growth and health). These packaged processed chemical substances cannot be defined as food.
Even if we consumed the purist diet of the correct balance of protein carb fat organic seasonal fresh raw fermented foods –
if you have a tense toxic relationship
if you are stretching those last dollars each payday
if you have family members or children who are sick or off their path and hurting
If you have small babies and your margins are way to thin – you are pressued and stretched from dawn till dark (and beyond)
If you are disconnected and lonely


The cortisol and high neurotransmitter turnover combined with poor digestive function, blood circulation shunting, increased heart rate, fluctuating blood pressure, decreased renal secretion, all eventually leads to disease. Regardless of the fuel.
Do I have a script pad to cure those. NO
Can you change it – YES
Simplify your life
Slow down and experience some calm and peace
Live within your means
Appreciate what you have
Im not saying to be boring old slow – just the opposite.
With time and focus and clarity you can truly love live and adventure.
The Perfect diet – is any real food (not chemical substances) that goes into a calm balanced happy body.
We blame food for all our woes, maybe start with removing the stressors and you will find that simple basic food will nourish you just fine.
Id love to hear your comments.
Be well with love