EWG – The Environmental Working Group, are one of my favourite organisations. Lobbying government and fighting the ‘Big Ag’ companies to keep some purity in our food supply.
This list is just being updated and released for 2014, and although the results are always slightly different in Australia (thankfully we are still purer in many ways) they are a very good guide for the purpose of shopping and making informed choices.

In my clinic I clearly remember a group of girls who had travelled as students from Japan to Australia and during their stay they worked in rural Queensland farms as labourers. Within less than 3 months they began to suffer severe skin rashes, headaches, and irregular periods. After seeing two with such similar symptoms we found the common exposure was the lettuces they were picking – even using gloves the water would run into their sleeves and across their abdomen, the direct area of the rash.

I choose organic whenever I can. I also have pizza if the day so brings (gluten free no cheese of course). But after seeing this severe damage I found it difficult to enjoy my lettuce salad without thinking of the huge toxic load that could cause damage from skin exposure. How much of the water content in the lettuce contained carcinogenic (cancer causing), oestrogenic (hormone driving) toxins. What is that doing to me when ingested? Not worth the risk.

Choose the clean 15 from the supermarket – and only organic dirty dozen – wherever you can.