Sugar Addict – Yes that’s you!

Can eating high sugar foods for 60 days cause fatty liver disease, an increase in belly fat, significant weight gain, lethargy, and mood swings?

Yes absolutely.

But the surprise in this story is the question. Can 60 days of eating low fat ‘healthy’ foods with the average daily sugar consumed by an adult Australian cause this change?

Frighteningly the answer is Yes.

Its not just ice cream, chocolate, lollies, slurpies, coca cola and glazed donuts that are slowly poisoning you.  It’s the lunch box fillers, juice poppers, low fat yoghurt, muslie bars and breakfast cereals like ‘Just Right’. BBQ sauce has more sugar than chocolate syrup.  Chicken sauce, marinades, baked beans, packet soup the list goes on and on.

The average Australian adult consumes 40 teaspoons of sugar per day approximately 160grams.
That Sugar FilmIf you haven’t had a chance to view the new documentary by Damon Gameau, ‘That Sugar Film’. I highly recommend spending 90 minutes with your family and opening your mind.

link to That Sugar Film here

This is week 4 of Sarah Wilson’s popular I Quit Sugar program, which started in 2011. When Sarah was diagnosed with thyroid condition, while working as a newspaper columnist, she quit sugar and shared her journey.  This rang true for so many of her readers a small revolution began which is the I Quit Sugar phenomenon.

As an expert panelist on the current 8 week online program, the early questions have a common theme. Feeling terrible! Digestive changes, constipation, headache, mood swings, poor sleep.

In clinic my patients complete a seven day diet diary, listing everything they eat in a week.  When asked about sugary, they often believe they don’t eat sugar. ‘I never put sugar in tea or coffee, I don’t eat lollies cakes or chocolates!’. But after some spy-work, there are only a few who are below the ‘safe’ recommended level of equivalent 9 teaspoons per day.

Detox, rehab and cold turkey.

Working in the health retreat environment and experiencing enough detox, cleanses, fasts in my time to know that day 2-3 is the hardest. Then day 10-12 is a fall off the wagon risk time also. Be prepared and don’t be alarmed by what your body does to you and how intense it may feel.

As staff at the retreat we would argue over who had to work the Tuesday shift of a program that started on a Sunday.  Mature intelligent beautifully groomed adults would turn quite feral when the caffeine sugar detox is at its peak.  Once in a friendly healthy exercise activity of volleyball one woman pushed another under the water in pure rage.   Addict behaviour.  Slightly amusing to observe from a safe distance but deeply disturbing as a health professional.

Rats respond more strongly to sugar than cocaine.

It’s terribly sad to live under the cloud of an artificially stimulated heightened brain. Distracted, unfocused, short fused day to day, trying to do your best at life.  Working, mothering and loving are hard enough without addiction.

When we live in a fog of unconscious choice. Eating massive quantity of hidden sugar. With no awareness of the long term or short term cost on our health and happiness, someone needs to start asking questions.

David Gillespie is the Best selling author of the book Sweet Poison researched the effects of sugar on our physiology and the sugar industry – he has a powerful message which has started debate within

The body is incredibly adaptive, plastic, and repairable. The pain of change only lasts a few days.

Here is my challenge.


9 teaspoons of sugar per day -MAX

Sugar is sneaky and hides out disguised as all sorts of nice healthy sounding names. Organic coconut sugar, corn syrup, low fructose corn syrup, fructose, glucose, lactose, agave, rice malt syrup, honey, brown sugar, white sugar, concentrated fruit extract, fruit concentrate.  Know them and read the labels.

30 days minimum – you can eat fruit, but whole fruit not blended pulverised smashed or pressed.

Shop around the outside  (singing in my head- those 80’s girls go round the outside round the outside) this means go only around the outside lane of the supermarket. Fresh produce, meat, fish, egg, dairy. Oh its ok to pop into the loo paper lane!  But the rest are all full of processed packaged sugar and salt ladened baddies!

Eat – Fruit veg eggs meat fish chicken, cheese

Use fats to feel full – nuts, avocado, protein based snacks.

See your doctor, have bloods, weights and measures.  Liver function test, glucose levels, blood pressure pulse rate and waist circumference.

Review in 30 days.

Look forward to hearing about your results


Be well with love