I have so much goodness to share with you … just to plant the seed of health and wellness before you fall into the silly season.   

Many of you have made amazing progress with improving gut health, reducing anxiety, losing weight, gaining muscle, feeling happier. Others of you started the journey with me, or other great practitioners, and became disillusioned when you didn’t see the results you’d hoped for. Don’t give up, start again… maybe with a more strategic plan?

I want to talk about a great plan to reset your health for 2019

Most of you are well informed, educated and have a good idea of what might be causing your fatigue, weight gain, dry skin, irritable mood, and poor sleep. Often you’ll tell me its your thyroid, or hormones, or gut health, or nutrient deficiencies. And you are right. Often its all of these things.  

Chicken or the egg?

Some of these areas of well-being can be tested and treated much more easily than others.  Each will improve your symptoms 10 or maybe 20%… rarely they are a single magic fix..  so you see you need to be aware of them all. 

Instead of asking which one comes first i.e. “does diet affect gut health or gut health affect what is in our diet?” I teach about the health wheel… where each of these compartments can be contributing to your well-being, or taking away from it. 

You are either on the way up the merry go round. Or spiraling down into further dis-ease.  Each section may be more relevant to you.

Of course emotional well-being and sleep trump all else. Start there. Sleep like a baby and smile through your day.

It really is possible … my lovely patients prove it to me every day.

So check out my Reset your Health in 2019 Webinar below!

And after you have watched the webinar, here are some helpful links 🙂