That Mean Girl – Melissa Ambrosini

I received an email today
a voice from the past…
it was an email from myself, dated 2 months earlier
i wrote it on

It reminded me to stick to the plan – that i am awesome
not to listen to the hater voice in my head

Lucky because that voice was being fierce
my guard was down, maybe the full moon, time of the month, not enough exercise/water?
but it crept in and was beating me full strength

“you can’t manage, its too much, you’ll make bad decisions
there is not enough time, you’re useless, you’re hopeless,
you’re too old, you’re too fat”
oh my…. when i started to really stop and listen,
it was cruel abuse

Do you hear her, the mean girl?
I spoke with the beautiful Melissa Ambrosini at Utopia last month
here is our little interview chat

For more from Melissa follow

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be well with love
:: Dr Rach

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