Do you ever feel hypersensitive to light, smell or sounds?

Maybe you or someone you know has a low tolerance for stress, has regular mood swings, or gets irritated easily?

Recently, I was invited to be a part of Pete Evans Recipes for Life Podcast to discuss a condition known as Pyroluria or Pyrrole Disorder.

Pete Evans is a chef, restaurateur, author and television presenter. His passion for food and a healthy lifestyle inspires individuals and families around the world.

During this Podcast we discuss:

  • What is Pyroluria and how is it diagnosed?
  • What would I say to a girl or young woman with Pyrrole Disorder?
  • The important lifestyle changes that I would recommend for anyone diagnosed with  Pyrrole Disorder
  • Can living a Paleo lifestyle assist in managing the symptoms and outcome for people with Pyrolura?

If this resonates with you, have a listen here. I think you will find it fascinating and informative.

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