The No 1 Anti-Ageing Tip is to Build Muscle, it keeps us youthful!

Building muscle mass as we age is essential to stay well and reduce the conditions that occur with ageing.  In clinic we often talk about how to lose weight and stay looking and feeling young. I always suggest patients start with a body scan to determine their body composition – how much water, fat and muscle mass they are made of.

Side effects include – balance, strength, increased basal metabolism, reduced cortisol, and reduced blood sugar.

And you’ll look damn sexy!

Regular resistance training and a diet that includes high-quality protein at every meal are the most efficient way combating age-related muscle loss. Says  Amber Beaumont at

About 25-30g of protein at each meal appears to be the trigger point to turn on muscle protein synthesis. Emerging research also emphasises the benefits of consuming protein at breakfast. (1)

Charles Poliquin - Anti-ageing - muscle mass

Charles Polquin – trainer to 18 olympic medalists knows his strength training.

“Twice a week, technique is everything. Find a trainer who has good muscle mass AND flexibility and balance – essential.  Don’t do any more than necessary. One set of the heaviest weight you can lift with perfect technique – until failure, this is the key to build.”

I’ve been back to strength training this week.  But before I started I went through a flexibility and technique assessment. My joints are 40+ years old and bad technique will = damage and pain. No thanks.

I already Yoga.. so general flexibility is good.  Stability is good, some greater right than left. Balance is quickly deteriorating … oh my poor brain. This made me realise how important to keep changing activity and practicing balance to continue to have a healthy brain.  So I had just to learn the technique.

Like an old dog with new tricks.  Easy does it, slow and precise with a qualified trainer you can trust. Then, it’s all about one perfect set of heavy weights to build.

kettle bells - anti-ageing

And Kettlebells… well that’s another story, but I think I have found the butt busting exercise to beat them all.  Ill keep you posted.




 1. Mamerow MM, et al., Dietary protein distribution positively influences 24-h muscle protein synthesis in healthy adults. J Nutr 2014; 144(6):876–880.