There is a mass conscious shift to understanding that there is more to physiology than chemicals nutrients and hormones. We are not only lego building blocks of cells but energetic fluidity.

Chinese medicine knows it. Ayerveda knows it. Indian medicine knows it . Aboriginal medicine knows it. Its time we in Western medicine caught up.

My undergraduate thesis in 1997 was on Psychoneuroimmunology. A then unknown topic on how the power of the mind can influence the nervous and the immune system.

Science has forged ahead in this area and we have many powerful studies to prove that our mind has a very powerful impact on our physiology. We must harness it and not let it control us.

Here’s your challenge:

Maintain a daily mindfulness meditation practice.  Three-five minutes is all you need to begin with with.

Many practiced meditators still feel they are learning after 1000’s of hours sitting, including extensive retreats and months abroad in training.

Be gentle, kind and patient. Trust that the process your mind and body is going through is normal and is still very beneficial, even if you feel like nothing has been gained.

The commitment to giving yourself those few minutes of what you may feel is ‘unproductive’ time, is a precious gift.

Your time is more valuable than anything else you can give. This is caring for yourself at the highest level, and you will get better and better, eventually experiencing peace, healing and even rare moments of bliss.

Some of my favourite meditations:
Belinda Davidson chakra meditation
Danielle LaPorte
Head Space app

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