Deepak Chopra never ceases to amaze me.

When hunting down tech advice for our upcoming Google Hangouts On Air, I came across a snippit of an interview with the Guru.

If you’re interested in watching take a look here – from 20-24 minutes is just gold.

“Your body is like a local laptop plugged into the wifi cosmic intelligence network
100 trillion cells
more than the stars in our universe
100,000 activities per second
every cell is instantly in communication with every other cell.
And the biological rhythms are the symphony of the whole universe.
The word universe means one song.
Embedded in your body is the tune that you dance to, whether you are aware or not,
you only need awareness to tap in and access divine wisdom.”

If you’re interested in watching take a look here – from 20-24 minutes is just gold.

When I consult and teach about the master controllers of our body – the pituatary gland, the pineal gland, that control the thyroid, adrenals and ovaries/testes, we often focus on the hormones, the nutrients, the tangible physical methods of testing and rebalancing.

But the energy of the body is so incredibly powerful and important. A good reminder to me.

I feel we are all too often seeing that ‘Connection Lost’ message
the little light wheel just spins and spins looking for some guidance
we create blocks to the flow of energy, hormones, neurotransmitters
and without this awareness, divine body knowledge – we just don’t know how to get reconnected.

There is no one answer to move from disconnected to reconnected. Finding your network may involve
movement, food, family, fun, quiet meditation.

Start with observing yourself your patterns your habits and sit in silent observation of yourself.
See a coach, a yoga teacher, a psychologist or a doctor. Whichever system seems to need the most support.

Beautiful physiology I am always in Awe

Be Well