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Dr Rach speaks on ‘The heart of wellness’ how your interconnected emotions, nervous system, and hormones cannot be separated. Find out how to be Happy, Healthy and Youthful after 30. ‘

“As busy working career women, mothers, daughters, party or peace lovers, we are all juggling many balls in the air at the one time. Time is precious, margins are tight while at the same time we want to feel vibrant, energised, calm, clear and certain of the choices we make for ourselves and our loved ones.

With so much conflicting information on the internet and television about diet and lifestyle choices it’s easy to become overwhelmed.  The greatest challenges we face is the uncertainty about what is the safest, best and most natural options.  There are so many passionate advocates for health with convincing messages, so who do you believe?

Personally, I don’t always think it’s the one with the most degrees, or the one with the loudest voice, or the sexiest body, or the most followers.  Health is a journey of personal exploration. It’s about building relationships, developing trust, weighing up the evidence, implementing treatments and changes to your own situation and continual adjustment until you find the balance you need.


I teach you how to decipher the jargon. I teach how to get back in touch with your physiology and go on a journey to explore what is the best way for you.  We are all unique individuals and no one program will work for us all.

I do believe that every woman can be healthy, happy and spiritually wealthy in the second half of their life.

An experienced keynote speaker, I have spoken at Utopia Women’s Wellness Festival, Mind Body Spirit Festival, Beautiful You Academy, The Division of General Practice, the Childcare Association of Australia, Pro-ma Systems, Grace Cosmetics, Griffith University Medical School and the Academy of Natural Therapies and many more.

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Some lovely words..

  • “Many workshops you go to make you feel guilty or pressurized…like your way of eating and living is not good enough…even when so many of us are really trying to make positive and lasting changes. Then there’s usually the big sell somewhere at the beginning or end.  You were a welcoming, cleansing breath of adrenal calming air! I really felt like you were there to offer a sacred and supportive educational space to validate ourselves. To say it’s ok, I get where you’re at…I’ve been there… and here are some really good scientific reasons why you may not be where you want to be.  You also opened a caring and safe space into which we could venture if and when we need to. Just a lovely, genuine evening… Jayne”

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