So its all about hormones…  How are yours?  Not sure.. well it seems you are not alone.  We are all confused – It must be the hormones 🙂 🙂  haha

No this is really serious business.

Hormones run your world.  From the pineal gland in your brain dictating your day night cycles and ageing rate, to your pituitary master gland orchestrating the rest of the machinery. The thyroid, ovaries and adrenals which control your body size, your fertility, and most importantly your mood.

Basically how you look and feel is the direct result of your hormones.  

For as long as I remember I’ve been teaching about mind body medicine, emotional health, intermittent fasting, clean eating – but EVERY single patient I see has decided (after very wisely researching and seeking answers) that ‘IT MUST BE MY HORMONES’.   

It goes like this….
‘Rach I’m sure its my adrenals, Ive been so stressed for too long’   or ‘Its definitely my thyroid, my cousin has the same problems weight gain, dry skin, hair falling’   or
‘Somethings up with my oestrogen, Im so moody and puffy the week before my period’

Wise wise women.   I’m listening….

Sure meditation, yoga, clean living, is the big answer – but while living in the midst of city life with children and a cranky boss – sometimes we need to intervene at a biochemical level to maintain some balance.

So where to start?  Download a cycle tracking app.  Record your symptoms and go seeking answers.

The good news!  We are fluid, hormones change by the minute.. you can achieve balance again. 🙂

I am developing a hormone program… first a simple questionnaire which will direct symptoms to a body system.  Salivary hormone testing, a hormone workshop in person or online, a personal consultation, then nutritional supplements to support increase/decrease of imbalances, or bioidentical hormones.

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