I Quit Sugar

I Quit Sugar 8 week program. Join Expert panellist Dr Rachel Wyndham on your journey to feel clean clear and calm, starting with detoxing from Sugar.

2 Comments on “I Quit Sugar

  1. Janelle

    I can not get of sugar no matter how hard I try please help I’ve even has an aggressive cancer and I still can’t stop sugar

    • drrach

      Hi Janelle
      It is a powerful addiction! Well done for trying. Chromium can help assist your blood sugar levels and make the cravings a little less severe. Its interesting to be part of the panel on Sarah Wilson’s I Quit Sugar program and watch those who struggle and those who breeze through it. Everyone is so different. I can recommend her books and programs to get you going. You do need to have a good amount of protein and fats to keep you satisfied while the body gets used to a sugar free metabolism. It really is worth persevering.

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