Thinking of venturing out to your first health retreat?

How exciting and often overwhelming – there are so many amazing ones to choose from.

From 10-day silent meditation health retreats which only cost a donation.  To mini 3-day, 5-star exclusive spas with gold laced caviar facials!

The options are endless.

But just because your bestie sends you a link, or there is a half price special in a magazine – don’t think all health retreats will rejuvenate and energise you.  Its a very personal experience.  

After working in a few of the countries leading retreats, and attending many here and overseas I suggest to get the best experience from your retreat first spend some time in contemplation

Here are 5 important questions to consider before booking that health retreat.

  1. What do I want to come away with?

Knowledge, peace, inspiration, less body fat, feel rested, gain clarity, set boundaries, direction?  These are all very different goals.

What do you need right now? Is it mental rest clarity reflection. Is it physical education eating cooking movement? Is it emotional space peace and love?

  1. How much time and money can I afford to invest  – what is my reasonable budget? 

When you invest in yourself, it is never wasted.  But for most of us, money and time is a limited commodity.  Do you have 3, 7, 5 or 10 days?  Do you wish to invest hundreds or thousands of dollars?  Would you prefer a simpler retreat in a more amazing location, or stay close to home and have the best therapists and abundance of treatments.

Set a time and dollar budget now.   __________   ___________  

  1. Is the natural environment important to your healing experience?

The beauty of the natural surrounding can be a powerful healer. We are all drawn to different needs and these change with time, age or energetic needs. 

Do you feel awe and power in mountains? Do you want the negative ions of the ocean and the freeing feeling of the beach? The quiet simplicity of the country? The warmth and heat of tropics or the cool quite established gardens.

 Top 2  _________  ____________

  1.  Logistics  

Which do you prefer?  ‘Peace alone’ or ‘New friends are awesome’? Will you share your space? Do you want to make small talk? Are you excited about developing deep true connections and learn from other souls?

The sleeping arrangements: big 4-poster beds or share tents?

Do you want all choices taken away? Do you feel stifled if you can’t make some choices with food activities and time?

  1. Expanding or going within.  

Do you want to challenge and stretch yourself and feel proud of your achievements and growth? Or do you want to look within, be soft, quiet, slow and gentle?  They are both awesome, for very different times of life.

I believe the universe sends exactly what we need when we need it. My motto is to not overthink because I am ridiculously analytical and tend to get in my own way. Allow the signs to reveal themselves.  What does your heart tell you?

If it is a 16-day fasting trek into the jungle, so be it.

Trust. Go with it. Grow.

If you would like more details on different retreats, please let me know – a series of stories will be coming your way – and If you like this article please share with your friends and family.

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Be Well With Love