There’s a lot of talk about gut health these days, and with good reason.  The bodily process of digestion and absorption is one of the most important to our health.

If our gut health is poor, everything suffers.

In today’s Q&A session with the MerryMaker sisters, we talk about why your gut is like a garden.  This analogy is a great way to summarise everything you need to know about optimum gut health and healing.

Gut Health : Why Your Gut is like a Garden

We can view the gut as a beautiful garden made up of different levels of flora (healthy bacteria) and dependent on the right amount of acids and a certain PH level, in order for it to flourish.

In this video you will learn:

  •  How certain medications (such as antibiotics) effectively sterilise and destroy the fertile ‘soil’ in your gut. When these beneficial enzymes are destroyed, disease is far more likely to occur (60 secs).
  •  Probiotics contain healthy bacteria, which help our guts function effectively, but probiotics aren’t always the answer for immediate gut health (1:10 secs).
  • Why we must remember to ‘weed’, ‘seed’ and ‘feed’ our gut lining. Getting rid of the weeds ensures the proper balance of acids and bacteria (1:20 secs).
  • How to feed the gut good bacteria so it can start growing a more fertile soil, or lining (1:45 secs).
  • The types of foods and nutrients that help build and maintain a healthy digestive system (2mins).

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