What is integrative medicine?

Integrative medicine combines the best of naturopathic, eastern, herbal, nutritional, and mind body medicine with current western medical science.

What qualifications do you have?

A fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, with a Bachelor of Biomedical Science, Diploma of Naturopathy, Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery and a Diploma of Palliative Care.  I have 20 years clinical experience. During these years I’ve worked in hospital medicine, within Emergency departments, Cardiology, Psychiatry, Women’s health and Palliative Care.

I’ve also worked in Alpine Ski Medicine in beautiful New Zealand, and at The Golden Door Health Retreat. I’ve developed health products for private manufacturers and with the TGA. As an advocacy committee member of the ACNEM, Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine, my approach is very evidenced based and simple, with a strong emphasis on mind-body and energy.

What should I expect?

You will receive my 100% absolute devotion and loving care.
You will be required to change your food consumption, your lifestyle habits, maybe your perspective.

You may do this as gently and slowly as you feel you can manage, or jump in with both feet. There is no judgement or expectation, I fall down everyday and get back up and dust off and start again on the right path, you have permission to do the same, we are a team.

I may prescribe medication, including antibiotics, when required.
You may need to see other specialists or have further tests such as scans or pathology.

There is no quick fix, or magic bullets. You need to do the work. Disease has a slow and complex process of development. Re-creating a physiological environment where the body can heal takes time and effort with some trial and error.  You will be required to take multiple supplements. One or two targeted nutritional or herbal treatment at any time is used.

I don’t provide alternative cancer treatments, however with an oncologist’s blessing there are many supportive measures to help you journey successfully through the cancer treatment process.

Im interstate or overseas do I need ongoing GP care?

If you are seeking specialist skype consultations Yes, you will need your own GP.  If you don’t have a regular GP I suggest you consider practitioners listed with ACNEM, or AIMA  who will be supportive of naturopathic principles and integrative medicine. I will send correspondence and test results with treatment plans for continuity of care. Please make an appointment with them and advise us who your regular general practitioner will be.

For those from interstate and overseas Skype appointments are available but are not covered by medicare, it is always beneficial to attend an initial consultations in person wherever possible.

Initial consultations are 60 minutes.  Follow up consultations are  30 minutes. Please arrive 15 minutes early to complete a detailed history questionnaire.  Please bring any medications or supplements with you to your appointment. Please bring copies of doctors reports or pathology test results in the last 12 months, you may ask your clinic for copies of recent results, or let our lovely reception staff know and they will ensure these results are ready for your appointment.

New consultation appointments are $240. You will receive between $71 and $105 on medicare.

Follow up consultations are $130 with $38-70 rebate from medicare.

Our friendly receptionists can provide details on cost.

Please phone Haan Health on 07 5531 6033 with any questions.

Medicare rebates apply, some private health funds may rebate – please contact yours for advice.
A $50 booking deposit is required. Due to limited appointments available you will be charged if cancelling within 24 hours, or failing to attend. Your credit card details are required at time of booking.

Standard pathology can be bulked billed, functional pathology is not covered by medicare and will be charged to you, if required these costs will be disclosed.

Before your consult
All new patients are required to bring in a 7 day diet diary all recent blood test results, X-rays scans. Notification of recent specialist.

Full health evaluation questionnaires can be completed here

“I look forward to working on this transformation with you, sharing this journey is a great privilege.”