It’s the small and seemingly unnoticed rituals that lead to habit and it’s the consistent practice of habits that can make all the difference to your overall state of wellbeing.

The following ‘Dry Body Brush’ is one of 8 wellness boosting habits that will slowly shift you towards your natural state of wellbeing.

Dry Body Brush

Take a natural fibre brush with a long handle, and start brushing your skin vigorously in small circles. This is best done just before you step into the shower.

My hot water always takes a minute or two to warm up so having your brush on hand, undress for your shower and brush while you are waiting to step in – this quick simple therapy will get your skin glowing and your circulation pumping.

  • Start from the tips of your fingers, towards your heart.
  • Imagine that you are ‘colouring-in’ and have to cover every inch of your skin. Do this quickly up one arm, then the other, then resume at your toes and go up your legs to your buttocks.
  • Continue up your stomach and chest, finishing with big circles on your biggest muscle, the bottom. This is often the greatest storage area of fat and subcutaneous (under-the- skin) toxins which appear as cellulite. Brush this up your lower back, over your thoracic (mid-back), shoulders and finish at your heart.

Dry Body Brushing stimulates the skin, moves the circulation from internal to the external vessels and pushes the lymphatic system to drain its collected lymphatic fluid. The lymphatic system doesn’t have a pump like the heart pumps blood; it relies on your movement or massage to shift stagnant flow.

Dry Body Brushing also aids immunity, skin health, circulation and cellulite. It exfoliates old skin cells and feels amazing!

If you shower at night or take baths, no problem just switch this to the evening or before a soak.

Here’s your challenge:

  • Dry Body Brush for 5 days per week. Continue for 30 days.

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