Gut Health | The path to optimal wellbeing starts in the Gut.

There are more organisms in your microbiome than there are cells in your entire body – you are reliant on these symbiotic friends to keep you alive.

The Gut is where you extract the life giving nutrients from food, but it is also the home of your immune system and more recently we have discovered it is also intricately linked with your nervous system.

So when your gut flora has been damaged through medication, stress, diet, and other lifestyle factors, – your immunity, your metabolism, your sleep, and your mental health will all suffer.

A healthy microbiome is essential for wellbeing.

Do you want to know:

What symptoms you will have when your gut is imbalanced?

How to investigate for gut pathology?

How to heal your gut?

This video and 3 week series of blog posts will give you simple answers.

We’re talking today on Gut Health with the lovely Dr. Cristina Beer.

Cris and I had the pleasure of spending many fun years at med school together, she is a brilliant integrated medicine GP on the Gold Coast. She is a fellow of ACNEM, the Australian College of Nutritional Environment Medicine, and a fellow of the RACGP.

I’m always getting lots of questions about diets. Usually you want to know which is the ‘best’. Is Paleo better than Vegan?  I like to start by thinking of where the food is going – before I look at what food it is.

So if your gut is moderately well we can be more specific and decide if a plant or animal based diet is better for you. But if your gut is terrible, it really doesn’t matter what’s going in – no correct processes are happening to use that food, you get fermentation instead of assimilation which results in bloating, pain, loose or hard stools, inflammation, nutrient deficiencies, skin hair nail problems, foggy brain, tiredness and the list goes on and on.

The place to start is healing the gut.

The interesting thing here is that some of the popular diets today which are GAPS, Paleo and Vegan usually contain very little processed food dairy sugar or damaging grain, so we are reducing the majority of the gut damaging compounds.

These diets usually all work wonders for the majority of people when they begin to change their diet and lifestyle.

So how well is your gut?  Have a listen today and see if you can identify any of these symptoms and issues we discussed. Take a look at the short cartoon video on the micro biome here, show your kids they will love it.

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