Dr Libby Weaver is a powerhouse of passion and knowledge on all things biochemistry. A Holistic Nutritionist she has helped hundreds of women to rebalance and experience wellness.

Libby’s mission is to ‘educate and inspire, enhancing peoples health and happiness, igniting a ripple effect that transforms the world’.

She is a bubbly natural beauty with lots of energy and I was fortunate to have a quick chat with her at Utopia Women’s Wellness Event in Brisbane.

This is also available on my YouTube Channel at Dr Rach.

In her latest book Dr Libby teaches about Beauty From The Inside Out – she asked the question “What dulls your shine?”
Can you think of three main things that dull your shine?

Stress, alcohol, sugar, poor sleep.

These are the four main culprits that I talk to patients about in clinic. If you could just reduce one of there would be a significant cooling off of your adrenal and nervous system and a greater feeling of overall wellbeing.