Hey Lovely
Thanks for stopping by… let me tell you why I’m a Quitter!

This is a special year for me. Im stepping back and letting it flow…   After pushing and striving and holding it all together, I’ve dropped all the juggling balls – on purpose!  What a feeling of relief. The realisation that we will all be ok without me clawing on for dear life to every tiny detail.

Im a quitter!  I’ve thrown in the towel, I’ve ditched the rat race and I’m going to find some much lovelier creatures to hang with. The hardest decision of my career was to leave it. 8 years of university, Degree in Naturopathy, Degree in Medicine and Surgery, hospital training, GP training, with three children – what an achievement! But working in the sickness industry was making me sick and unhappy. I struggled through 2013, in my heart I was done and knew it was time to just walk away. But it took the loss of my beautiful friend to cancer, my husbands scare with melanoma and my being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease to give me the courage – then finally one brave day in December I QUIT.

So 2014 is an experiment, a challenge, an exciting journey that I hope you’ll join me on.  Walk the talk. I have immense knowledge about wellness – Anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, neuroscience, medicine, nutrition, herbs, vitamins, exercise, mind-body.  But excuses as to why these are not applied to my life.  Too busy, not enough time, tomorrow.  Now there are no excuses!

My inspirations  :  Wendyl Nissen, fabulous journalist and magazine editor who ditched her super career to ‘live like Nanna’ for a year, she made her own cleaning products, grew her own food and cooked from scratch.  Gretchen Rubin of ‘The happiness project’ took 12 months to focus on changing all areas of her life to allow greater happiness, and wrote it all down.  6 in the world – the awesome Andrus family who took 4 young children around the world exploring for a year.

My year is dedicated to Wellness in its most holistic form. Mental physical spiritual environmental economical. Family wellness, Relationship wellness. To explore apply then teach and lead by example. Physician heal thyself.  This is my journey to create the best from the genes I’ve been dealt.

I hope you’ll join me.

Dr Rach