We’ve been looking at how the consistent practice of small habits can make all the difference to your overall state of wellbeing. So far, we’ve explored why the use of a Lemon Tonic is the perfect way to begin your day, and discovered the multiple benefits of regular dry body brushing.

Our next wellness boosting tip is the ‘Cold Water Blast’ – one that might require a bit of getting used to.


Yes, I know it’s cold, but that’s the point!

Think of the Scandinavian’s, with their saunas and cold plunges into snow covered waters. And look at their health statistics, longevity and beautiful complexions!

Blasting cold water at the very end of a warm shower shocks the circulation and sends the blood back to the skin, giving it a boost of oxygen and nutrients.

You will glow!

Your heart will race and you may say a few words kiddies shouldn’t hear! But you’ll have forgotten quickly once you are dry and dressed. You’ll feel invigorated and ready to bring some extra bounce to your day.

This is also an excellent test of discipline.
 Are you a comfort seeker? Unable to tolerate any level of discomfort? Be this the initial discomfort of a craving, the heaviness at the start of exercise, or the avoidance of a perceived negative feeling of fear or anger?

Many spiritual practices test the physical body to give the mind a chance to strengthen and allow more discipline over its tendencies to sabotage our efforts.

The more resistance you have to this practice, the more you need to push in. Put that cheeky monkey mind back in its box where it belongs.

How bad can it really be? You will feel empowered and invigorated after.

Here’s your challenge:

Switch to a cold water spray for the last 10 seconds of your shower.  Make this part of your daily shower routine, ensuring that the water is as cold as is tolerable.

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