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The lovely Jenine Parkinson from Foodness for Goodness Sake, Certified Nutrition and Food Coach can be found at With Dr Rachel Wyndham Integrative Medicine Doctor and Naturopath at

Jenine is a warm and genuine mother of three, and when she’s not channelling Olivia Newton-John in Grease, singing at charity dinners. You’ll find her in the kitchen or presenting at seminars on whole clean eating for wellness.


Jenine and I have shared the stage at a few recent events and I’ve seen her speak passionately while yielding blenders, knives and beautiful fresh produce to create clean tasty food wonders.  Her passion is creating health through clean eating, and she is a walking reflection of this sparkly wellbeing.

Jenine was kind enough to stop for a chat and we captured some of her wisdom and practical advice on camera, which you can see posted below.  The clip is 15 minutes, please enjoy with a cup of tea and a notebook to write a few sparks of inspiration you might receive or goals you’d like to set.

Starting is the hardest part, its like getting that heavy old wheel rolling – so much effort in the beginning then you see small results – the momentum builds… and then you are off and away, zooming towards your end result. No Stopping You!

I encourage you today to push past that initial resistance, start today! Set one tiny small intention and act. Start a morning routine, make a smoothie a day, write down how much sugar you consume in one week.  Be aware and accountable. Here is a simple 7 day diet diary you can print to get you started.

I say, if you are going to indulge in something do it consciously, don’t down the whole packet of chocolate biscuits and not even have savoured one single bite.  Be present, be aware and make very conscious choices, your body will guide you – if you become quiet and listen.

So back to Jenine’s message. Eat Real Whole Food. Simple.

My message. Get Started. Simple

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We do this all for you.

:: Be Well With Love

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