How are you going with the morning ‘wellness boosting’ rituals so far?  Have you tried dry body brushing, or challenged yourself with a cold water blast yet?

These morning rituals shouldn’t take any more time out of your day and you have so much to gain. Embed them into your routine, so they become second nature and you’ll experience long lasting benefits, within days.

Our final morning wellness boosting tip is centered around the most important meal of our day. Here’s how to ‘break the fast’ and do it well!

Break the Fast – Well.

Rules for breakfast:

1. Only whole fruit sugar – no processed sugar
2. Include protein
3. No caffeine 30 minutes before or after (this applies to all meals).

Sugar is everywhere. Most of you are trying your best and choosing ‘healthy’ supermarket options such as cereal, fruit yogurt, and breakfast bars. Start reading the labels and don’t be fooled by the marketing. The sugar levels are usually dangerous.

Our second breakfast crime is eating bread: for breakfast, lunch and with dinner.

 If you change your breakfast, you are halfway there to a balanced healthy diet, moving toward your ideal weight and experiencing good levels of energy throughout the day.

Make sure you do not consume caffeine, either 30 minutes before, or after, meals. If you eat and have tea or coffee, your body cannot assimilate or break down food correctly.

This results in poorly digested large molecules in the gut that causes irritation, inflammation, and can imbalance the delicate gut flora.

Weight gain, bloating, lethargy, and poor mental function can also be caused by consuming food with caffeine, so watch this: it’s a very common practice.

Here’s your challenge:

30 days: No boxes of cereal, no fruit juice, no fruit yoghurts, no bread. Include protein and no caffeine for 30 minutes before or after.

Great breakfast protein options include:

1. Eggs, fish or tofu.
2. Porridge is another good breakfast choice, add protein powder when cooking.
3. A smoothie with protein powder, fruit, water, ice and yoghurt.
4. One of my personal favourites is a breakfast egg muffin.

Crack an egg with a small piece of ham/salmon or mushroom, a sprinkle of fetta and a few spinach leaves into a muffin tin and bake for 15 mins. So easy!

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