Do you, or someone you know, suffer from Adrenal Fatigue?

Are you unsure how to begin treating it, or curious about the role hormones, nutrition and stress have on our adrenal glands?

Then join me for this Q&A session, with the fabulous MerryMaker sisters, as we discuss what you need to know about Adrenal Fatigue.

What you need to know about Adrenal Fatigue and Adrenal Hormones

In this video you will learn:

  • Most fatigue problems and adrenal insufficiency come from issues with the adrenal glands. Here’s why the health of your adrenal glands is absolutely critical for your overall wellbeing (1.15 secs).
  • Cortisol is commonly known as the ‘stress hormone’, yet it plays a very important role. It helps us get things done (2.20 secs).
  • There are several warning signs that you can look for that tell you, you may have adrenal fatigue. Here, we talk about the stages of adrenal fatigue and what to look out for (3.20secs).
  • Supporting your adrenals effectively and treating fatigue begins with these two things (4.20 secs).
  • It might surprise you to know that ‘stress’ is a relatively modern phenomenon, and that there are several different types of stress. (4.40 secs).
  • The foods to avoid if you want to heal adrenal fatigue naturally (5.50 secs).
  • How an alkalizing diet helps your body to adapt and deal with stress and the specific supplements you can take to help you heal (7.15 secs).
  • When you have adrenal fatigue, your cortisol levels can burn up skeletal muscle. Ensure you are eating plenty of these foods to combat this problem.

Thanks for tuning in today.

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