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Dr Rachel Wyndham Medical On Miami

Hello, I’m Dr Rachel Wyndham, Medical Doctor and Naturopath.

When I was young we took herbal tonics, grew sprouts, raised chickens and drank goats milk. My aunt was a naturopath in the 70’s. As a little girl I believed this was how we all looked after our health.

When I qualified and worked in clinic as a Naturopath, now 20 years ago, I realised this wasn’t the case. Many patients thought this was alternative and there was confusion and distrust.  I then went on to study Medicine. Fast forward through hospital medicine, emergency trauma, psychiatric wards to general practice – and a very different view of my world was formed.

I’ve dedicated my life to learning about wellness and how to re-establish balance and a sense of peace.  I’ve seen both sides of the health industry and they are both valid and valuable.  How does this help you?  I’ll bet you have questions like these every day.

    • What do I eat for my health or to lose weight?
    • Margarine or butter?
    • Vegan or Paleo?
    • Should I take vitamins and supplements?
    • Can I do anything to prevent cancer, I’m nervous?
    • Will taking the contraceptive pill do me damage?
    • Why do I still have acne as an adult?
    • Should I give my daughter antibiotics she is still coughing?
    • Can I get my libido back?

I’m here to simplify health.  To help you find the answers that you’re looking for.  To educate and inspire you to make small easy changes that create a massive impact on your quality of life.  You need support, you need to be honoured with quality education that you can apply, you need to be confident and not overwhelmed.

But only YOU know what is right for you (and your people), find those who will listen and who you trust.  I can’t do this alone, so I’ve rallied the best health professionals I can find to share their passion for wellness with you in my Simple Way to Wellness blog and newsletter.  It’s our gift to you and we want you to join our tribe.

You can find me at two clinics;

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Be Well With Love

“When it comes to changing habits and creating a healthier lifestyle Dr Rach knows that patients don’t need more information they need simple inspiration.

They need encouragement and a reminder to get back to the basics that work.  As a Medical Doctor and Naturopath she is here to uncomplicate the path to wellness and help you get excited about the positive action that you can take.

 Dr Rach is an exuberant explorer of the world, riding dressage horses, working as ski doctor in alpine NZ, hunting for herbal medicine in india.  She is also an explorer of the body, mind, emotion, and spirit with a sense of wonder.”

Professional Bio

Doctor, blogger, writer, philosopher, animal lover and seasoned snow bunny, Dr Rach currently lives between the Gold Coast and Wanaka, New Zealand – with her three beautiful daughters. Her family are the driving inspiration behind all her noble endeavours as a passionate integrated medical professional who acts with integrity.

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