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When I was young we took herbal tonics, grew sprouts, raised chickens and drank goats milk. My aunt was a naturopath in the 70’s. As a little girl I believed this was how we all looked after our health.

When I qualified and worked in clinic as a Naturopath, now 22 years ago, I realised this wasn’t the case. Many patients thought this was alternative and there was confusion and distrust.  So I went on to study Medicine.

Fast forward through medical school, internship, residency. Hospital medicine, including surgery, emergency trauma, psychiatry, palliative care and into general practice – and a very different view of my world was formed.

I’ve dedicated my life to learning about wellness and how to re-establish balance and a sense of peace.  I’ve seen both sides of the health industry and they are both valid and valuable. The key is using the right parts of both together –  ‘functional integrative medicine’.

Qualifications Education

9 years of formal university education in Australia. 23 years clinical experience. Extensive post grad study and continued affiliation with associations and leaders in functional and integrated medicine.



Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners



Bachelor of Medicine

Bachelor of Surgery


Science Naturopathy

Bachelor of Biomedical Science

Diploma of Applied Science Naturopathy



Institute Functional Medicine

Australian College Nutritional Environmental Medicine

Australian Integrated Medicine Association

Functional medicine GP and Naturopath.

I’m here to simplify health.  To help you find the answers that you’re looking for.  To educate and inspire you to make small easy changes that create a significant impact on your quality of life.  

I understand you need support, you need to be honoured with quality education that you can apply, you need to feel empowered and confident with your choices and not overwhelmed.

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