Our health journey is lifelong, we never achieve perfect health.  We all have a different starting line and a different set of genes, environment and challenges to face. We each decide on what level of wellbeing we are willing to accept.  Some of us are moving forward, some are treading water, but many are very quickly sliding down a very slippery dangerous slope.

Any relationship psychologist, business psychologist, sports psychologist will all agree that to work on a relationship we must start by taking a good hard look at where we are today, right now.  How is your relationship between you and your body, do you abuse yourself, take yourself for granted, expect too much of yourself, spoil yourself?  Assessment is the first key.

1. Take 5 minutes, on a scrap of paper with colour pens – mind map. Write everything you like and don’t like about your ‘self’. Body first – physical, then mental, emotional and spiritual.  Are you content and happy with this?  Circle yellow the ones you do and cross red the ones you don’t.  Do you have a goal? Can you improve any of these.

I challenge you to just pause and think – how toxic is your relationship?  Are you ready for divorce, or honeymooning? All relationships can improve, so will your health.

Keep in touch  and we will keep working on this together.

Dr Rach